Portrait TV5 #versionfrançaise -october 2017

Lego, tête de poney ou jambes de Barbie enchantent ses créations. Rencontre avec Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, une drôle de créatrice française qui se cache à Londres.

Portrait for the TV programme "Sept à Huit" on TF1 

Portrait de la créatrice de mode et artiste plasticienne Anne-Sophie Cochevelou dans le cadre de l'émission Sept à huit sur TF1 diffusé le dimanche 3 mai 2015 intitulé "Londres la cité d'or". instagram: https://instagram.com/sophiecochevelou/ blog: cycleinheels.blogspot.com

Opening "Obsolescence déprogrammée" at Isabelle Gounod Gallery, Paris IIIeme, exhibition of Anne-Sophie Cochevelou from 30th of April till 28th of May 2016, performance "Gender Fluidity" with Simon Dodi from Luxuriouxsnacks, filming by Anthony Lycett, editing Anne-Sophie Cochevelou

Artist portrait by Hélène Jeunet 

Interviewed by Majestic Disorder magazine: 

Performance at Butcher salon for Croco Magazine 

Performance and interview with the peculiar fashion designer Anne-Sophie Cochevelou. We join Sophie in her collaboration with Butchers and Hang up gallery meanwhile she tells us about things that inspire her. Filmed and produced by Croco Magazine.

Wearing toys Inside Anne-Sophie Cochevelou's world by KapriTV 

Interviewed for Inlight TV: 

Britt Foe interviews London based Artist Anne Sophie Cochevelou at Cult Mountain cafe. http://www.cycleinheels.blogspot.com Please sign up and Join http://www.inlighttv.com for more videos.

Wearing the colourful Rubber dress in Valspar paint company advert: 

Fashions will come and go, trends pass. But your colours, your imagination... they are yours to keep. Stop blending in, and fill your world with the colours you love. Find out more about Valspar Paint UK: http://www.valsparpaint.co.uk/cotl

Lego dress Performance 

film maker and editor Simona Zemaityte (simonazemaityte.com/) with Simon Dodi from Luxurioux snacks (http://www.luxuriouxsnacks.com/) photo cover: Anthony Lycett (http://www.anthonylycett.com/) I made this dress with flat lego bricks and lego plates. During the performance, I was inviting people to build my dress directly on my body to create a living lego construction. So this is an evolving garment, always moving, between construction and destruction (because some bricks fall when I am walking or people undo what previous people just built). The final dress is the product of the meeting of tow creativity, mine and the one of the audience, making its own design by contributing to the dress, litéralement "apporter sa pierre à l'édifice" . more about the piece on http://cycleinheels.blogspot.fr/2014/04/lego-lass.html with the support of Ferodo Bridges (International Platform for artists collaboration) & 3spaces

costume design by Anne-Sophie Cochevelou video by Anthony Lycett
costume by Anne-Sophie Cochevelou video by Anthony Lycett