Anne-Sophie Cochevelou is an East-London based French fashion, costume and jewelry designer and performance maker.

She is graduated from a MA in Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martins and a BA in French Literature & Drama. 

 Her work attempts to explore the concept of wearable art and performative aspect of costume through social interaction and upcycled material.  She created costume-based performance in club, galleries and art places like the Barbican or the Battersea Art Centre and she created a Lego dress for the London fashion week in 2013.  She designs bespoke costumes for theatre companies and private parties.  She designed few windows across London and has collaborated with many magazines for editorials. She is currently represented by the Gallery “Isabelle Gounod” in Paris.

Artist statement:

Her playful style is about bright colours, mismatch prints, shiny materials, over the top dresses. She tries to build clothes with material that are not fabric, crossing boundaries of the costume experiment. She thinks that any object from everyday life can become a fashion accessory, that anything can be stitched on to clothes.

 She loves going to charity shops or flee markets and seeing the creative potential of everyday objects. She has always created costume with nothing, sometimes with things she found in the street or in trashes. She likes to give second life to old objects and divert them from their original function.  Half of her time is spent obsessively trawling for junk, and the other half, obsessively putting it all together. In her creations, she uses a lots of toys as a common reference from the collective imagery, a reminder of childhood that everybody shares in every countries, playing on the feeling of nostalgia and remembrance and the "Uncanny". 

 With her creations she would like to foster peoples’ creativity and make them proud of themselves in feeling unique, original and different.


Exhibitions & Performance:  

November 2017: Sewing circle exhbition, Saint Pancras Gallery, Camdem, London 

October 2017: Opening Ceremony, Guam T.Galleria, fashion couture chocolate show with Godiva, Guam 

July 2017: Fabulous Extravaganza alternative fashion show, SHED London, Haggerston 

-July 2017: The Toy Box exhibition at the Civic Barnsley gallery,  Barnsley, North England 

-December 2016: Live art performance for Self styled launch book, Voot-o- Rennee's club, London 

-September 2016: Fashion catwalk for The London Style Tribe Tribute show, Resistance Gallery, London 

-May 2016: Solo exhibition "Obsolescence déprogrammée"  at Isabelle Gounod Gallery, Paris 

-January 2016: Lego dress performance at Isabelle Gounod Gallery, Paris for Self Styled exhibition opening 

-December 2015: Performance of the present dress at Islington Square Festival of Culture with Future Us Creative Company. 

-November 2015: Collective show “the world of Diane Goldie” the Vaults, London with anti-catwalk show performance. 

-October 2015: Halloween Barbican Ball, costume designer & performer with Future Us creative at Guildhall Crypt, London

 -October 2015: Catwalk show Brigthon Fashion Week, Showreal Competition. 

 -August 2015: Performer for Time Traveller show,  House of Fairy Tales, Iron Bridge

 -July 2015:Window & Magic Ring performance for  Secret RDV with the designer Mei Hui Lui,  Columbia road, London

 -March 2015: Candy dress performance at Bar 90, Hackney Wick

 -January 2015: collective show"Loudest Whisper",  Saint Pancras gallery, Camdem, London

 -December 2014: Live Christmas tree performance, with House of fairy tales Charity, Winterville, Victoria Park, London

 -November 2014: collective show Uncooked culture ,  Tabernacle Gallery, Notting Hill, London

 -October2014: installation & live performance "Hair dresses" in Butchers hairdressing salon, Shoreditch, London

 -September 2014: Performance "Flower dress" for the opening of the exhibition "Chromophilia" Saint Pancras gallery , London

 -July2014:  Lego Dress Performance Ram place Festival for theBarbican, London

 -June 2014: Costume based performance "Bed dress" in a bed shop "Maison de la Litterie", Paris.

 -June 2014: Lego dress Performance, Pink Fringe Festival, Brighton

 -May 2014: Performerin"Crystal Mette and the fiction" by Mette Sterre, Platform theatre, Central Saint Martins, London

-March 2014: Lego dress performance at Battersea Art Centre, Londron

-March 2014:  Performance"White dress project", Restaurant Bar 90, Hackney Wick, London

 -February2014 to now: Aternative Bingo, Hackney Wick Restaurant 90, Londron,

 -September 2013: Costume based performance "Barbie Remembrance" for the opening of the exhibition "Epiphanies", Saint Pancras gallery, London. 

 -September 2013:  collective show& Costume based performance "ODD" for the opening of Circus Terminal Worldwide,  West Bank Gallery, London. 

 -September 2013: Exhibition of the Lego dressat London Fashion Week, photographied by Vogue

 -December 2012-2015: co-fonder of the collective Luxuriouxsnacks Performance of "Ma Petite follie at  Hideway Festival, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Cult Moutain, Camdempeople theatre , Bethnal green working

mens club.

 -May 2013: playwright and director, scenography, costume designer for the show “Fernand” Platform theatre- Central Saint Martins, London

 -March 2013: co-writer, costume designer and performer for the show "Vaccum cleaner", by Ferodo Bridges Company, International Platform for artistic collaboration, Victoria Embankment, London

 -December 2012:  playwright and director, scenography, costume designer for the show Lost/found face, Studio theatre- Central Saint Martins, London

 -September 2012: director assistant and scenography assistant for the show "We believe in Unicorns" by, "Wizards present" company, Studio Theatre, Central Saint Martins, London

 -May 2012: co-director, costume designer & performer for the show "it all came out of an Eggs" directed Andrea Cusumano, Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala, India